Press Release: European Fintech Alliance concludes new Media Partnership with Finovate Middle East

European Fintech Alliance is happy to announce it has concluded a new partnership with Finovate Middle East, taking place in Dubai on February 26-27 2018!


"While many have been around for the fintech explosion over the past several years, few have been there for the sparks. For over 10 years, Finovate has fanned the fintech flames: New York in 2007. Bay Area in 2008. London in 2010. Singapore in 2012. Hong Kong in 2016. And now, FinovateMiddleEast, the newest addition to Finovate’s renowned fintech conference series, has been selected as the anchor event in the Ministry of Finance contribution to UAE Innovation Month and Dubai Innovation Week this February!

Finovate’s signature 7-minute demos will remain at the core of FinovateMiddleEast with 25+ companies showcasing their latest fintech innovations live on stage. With applications from the Middle East, United States, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, the event will reflect regional and international trends.

Through the expanded Finovate model, the Dubai debut will also feature fast-paced, short-form discussions from industry leaders. Content-driven panels, regulatory perspectives, and world-class keynotes will address themes and topics relevant to the MENA market and broader economy as well."


The agenda is updated weekly. For more info on the event, visit the Finovate homepage.


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